About SYC

The Southern Youth Conference (SYC) is a union-wide conference organized to service individuals who live in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Moreover, SYC is a conference where young people are guided by The Holy Spirit, developing holiness of character, united in purpose, connected through fellowship, trained by wise mentors, and committed to outreach and evangelism.





To help produce a group of rightly trained Seventh-day Adventist youth and young adults who are fully committed to Christ and united in one spirit and purpose. Furthermore, these young people will actively spread The Gospel through many capacities with JOY and LOVE.





To unify, inspire, train, and mobilize dedicated youth and young adults to help spread The Gospel through outreach and evangelism to prepare the world for Christ’s second coming.




SYC 2013 Executive Committee

President: Ann Ikonne
Secretary: Melissa Howard
Oversight: Jean-Paul Louis
Treasurer: Crystal Harriott
VP, Logistics: Melanie Mulele
VP, Programming: Edvish Zefferi
VP, Advertisement: Jean-Paul Louis & Phillip Parraway
Key Contributors: Michael Ulrich, Michael Drake, Silvia Siqueira