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Darren Harriott

Darren Harriott

Managing Finance God’s Way
Darren Harriott will be speaking at SYC 2013 and have sessions on career, education, budgets, debt, buying a house, retirement and more...

Dwayne Lemon

Dwayne Lemon Finishing the Work
Elder Lemon has spoken at several conferences, churches, schools & Ministries in such locations as Germany, Africa, Romania, England, Australia, Indonesia, and more.
Scotty Meyer Scott Mayer The Master Plan
An in-depth look into the effects Hollywood has on your mind
and how the devil is using the entertainment business to deceive many.
Jorge Baute Jorge Baute

The Sanctuary and Salvation

This series about the Bible sanctuary explains in simple imagery God's
plan to redeem and transform the fallen human race from the power of sin and death.

Pastor Kee-Bong LeRoy Kim

Pastor LeRoy Kim A Man after Gods own heart
Pastor Kim now spends his pastoral ministry working at the Irving SDA Church and traveling to cities all over the world to train new coaches and to help revitalize the troubling churches to become healthy and missional.

Pastor Juneroy Nugent

Pastor Juneroy Nugent Transformed
Pastor Nugent will be preaching the Sabbath morning message “Transformed” during diving hour 1 and 2 on July 29th and will also be speaking the final “Transformed” message on Sunday morning devotion.