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Ingo Sorke was born in Marburg, Germany, and grew up in Bavaria and Stuttgart. Coming to the United States in 1985 as an exchange student, Ingo first encountered Seventh-day Adventists in Keene, Texas. Although he had written a friend back in Germany that “I don’t think I will ever become a Seventh-day Adventist”, after a traumatic death in his host family, the attraction of a loving community, and much Bible study, Ingo was baptized just before he returned to Germany in 1986. He has studied in Germany and the U.S. and has pastored several churches in Texas. He currently teaches Bible courses at Southwestern Adventist University as chair of the department, inspiring students to integrate the particular Adventist message into their personal and professional life. His daily teaching motto: To Educate is to Redeem.




SYC Sessions




Session 1- So far. Why God stopped me in my tracks


Session 2- Altar Call. Where God stops us in our tracks


Session 3- Red Light / Green Light. Why God stops us in our tracks


Session 4- Impossible. How God stops us in our tracks