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K Wade

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Elder Kenneth Wade is currently an Associate Pastor at Dallas International SDA Church as well as the Youth Pastor. He has a passion for GOD and His work. He desires that all might see “the depth, the width, the length and height of the love of GOD and be filled with all the fullness of Gods Spirit “Ephesians. 3:18, 19. He travels abroad sharing a message of hope and the knowledge of GOD which is “life eternal” John 17:3. You are invited to come and receive life giving power from GODS Word “for where the word of the King is there’s power” Ecclesiastes 8:4 Amen.






SYC Sessions





Session 1- The Foundation of God's Government


Session 2- Baptize Them In His Name


Session 3- Power Without Character


Session 4- The Cross: A Revelation of Gods Possible 5th Meeting


Session 5- Gods Word Life Giving or Legal