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Pastor Juneroy Nugent

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Pastor Juneroy Nugent was born in Jamaica and grew up in England. He studied for the ministry at Newbold College of Higher Education (Binfield, Berkshire, England), where he earned his BA in Theology and MA in Pastoral Ministry. He pastored in London for 13 years prior to coming to the United States, where he continued to heed God's call at the Waco and Temple churches. Presently, he serves as pastor of the Houston United African Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Pastor Nugent is a humble yet proud husband, father and grandfather. Supported by wife Valerie, daughters Josephine and Natalie, and grandsons Elias and Kalen, his passion is to help God's people have a meaningful, uplifting and spirit-filled worship service.

SYC Sessions


Sermon Title: Transformed

Devine Hour 1- Transformed

Devine Hour 2- Transformed

Sunday Morning Devotion - Transformed