Pastor LeRoy Kim


Pastor LeRoy Kim

Speaker Bio

Pastor Kee-Bong LeRoy Kim was born in Busan Korea, and was originally raised up from a non-Seventh Day Adventist family. After suffering health complications as a child, he reluctantly crossed paths with an American Seventh Day Adventist missionary doctor who promised to save his life if his whole family would attend church. Pastor Kim's mother promised that if his life were saved, she would devote all of her sons to become pastors of the Seventh day Adventist church. This was the start of his devotion towards the church and to Christ.

Pastor LeRoy Kim received his undergraduate BA degree in theology at Samyook University in 1982 and then immigrated to the US to study to obtain Master of Divinity in Andrews Theological Seminary. He has lived in the US from coast to coast, Michigan to Minnesota, Minnesota to California, California to New York, New York and now to Texas, continuing to serve God and sharing his amazing life testimonies. Pastor Kim now spends his pastoral ministry working at the Irving SDA Church and traveling to cities all over the world to train new coaches and to help revitalize the troubling churches to become healthy and missional. He is married with Hee Sook Kim bringing two children, Gershom and Sophia into this world. His hobby is to hike one of highest mountains in US once a year. His immediate goal is to go to Spain at age 60 to walk Camino de Santiago for 28 days. He also enjoys playing golf and riding on his motorcycle, Gold Wing.

SYC Sessions:


Series Title: (Man after Gods own heart)

Sesion 1- Tapping into God's Desire vs Twisted Desire

Sesion 2- Tapping into How God's Desire has Worked in my Heart

Sesion 4- Tapping into Values and Core Beliefs that result from the Desires of Heart

Sesion 5- Tapping into the Life of Transformation