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Jeremiah Davis

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Evangelist Jeremiah Davis is a servant of God and the co-founder of Messengers of Light Ministry.  He went to Oakwood College in Huntsville, Alabama where he majored in Religion.  It was at this time that God called him to the ministry.  He, his wife Aretha and daughter Amiah are the heart of their family ministry.  They are end-time missionaries that have dedicated their lives to the ministry; they travel the world sharing God’s Three Angel’s Messages.  Messengers of Light Ministry is based in Town Creek, Alabama. 

Jeremiah’s dynamic presentations of preparing for the last days have awakened many to the times that we are living in.  He has a special interest for young people and believes that God has a special place and work for each in His eternal plan of life.  He believes that our greatest joy can be found only in fellowship with God and in fulfilling the special mission that we were born to accomplish in these last days.





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